Custom Diamond Painting Kit - Upload Your Own Photo


Our fantastic custom paint by number kits are now also available as diamond painting kits!

Imagine your favorite photograph transformed into a pre-printed marked up canvas to enable you to create a stunning and totally original piece of art!
With diamond painting, you apply tiny resin diamonds to a coded adhesive canvas. This creates a vibrant visual effect, which looks stunning when displayed in your home.

Simply upload the image you'd like to recreate, place your order, and then our team creates the canvas for you. You'll then receive everything you need to create your diamond painting, so this includes:

  • Pre-printed canvas and adhesive
  • A set of acrylic diamonds with each color packed in a ziplocked bag
  • Diamond pen to enable you to place each diamond in the right place effortlessly.
  • Detachable heads for the Diamond Pen enabling you to select different numbers of diamonds in one go.
  • Wax pads to enhance the ability of the pen to pick up the diamonds
  • A grooved organizing tray for your diamonds, lightly shake to see the diamonds fall into place
  • Tweezers
  • Our How-to Guide printed in English.

Round or Square?

We offer two different shaped diamonds, round, and square. They both look amazing when the canvas is finished, and they give you two different looks to choose from.

  • Round diamonds will create a stronger mosaic style with tiny gaps between each one
  • Square diamonds will create a stronger "photo" effect with no visible gaps

Selecting Your Photograph

Having provided many customers with customized canvases, we know that there a few things to consider ensuring that you get the very best results.

  1. The photo must be of high quality. Tip: The bigger the canvas, the better will the end result look.
  2. Red and blue hues can mean that white areas can contain a whole range of colors. We recommend making some tone adjustments on your photo to brighten those white areas before uploading your image. If you already have a natural high-quality photo then the adjustments are not necessary.
  3. The busier your photograph, the larger the canvas needs to be.

We know that not only will you love the finished result, you'll also love creating your very own, diamond painting.