About us

I was never a fantastic artist at school, but I loved getting into the art room and creating something new. There was something about being able to use my artistic side which I loved. But then exams, university, and work took over, and the opportunity to express myself through art never really came up again.

That's when I decided to look for options that were designed for adults, but there were several really important things to consider. I wanted something which I could quickly pick up when I had a spare five minutes during the day. I wanted to be able to really enjoy the process and not have to worry about whether the perspective was spot on or having to spend hours on perfecting a drawing. I wanted some of that hard work done for me so that I could spend my time on the bit I really enjoyed, adding the color to make the image come to life.

I quickly realized that paint by numbers met all of my needs, and so I started to look at what was available. I did find some kits, but nearly all of them were very simplistic and designed for children. I also felt sure that I wasn't the only one person who would enjoy completing a paint by number for adults. However, the selection available was pretty awful; local stores had virtually nothing, and online, well, they too seemed to focus on presents for children.

My search for color by numbers, which are designed for adults, began. I hunted out suppliers who could help, those who understood that this was both a relaxing and therapeutic pastime for adults. Besides being an enjoyable hobby, there are so many other benefits for adults. Did you know that people who have the opportunity to be creative through pastimes such as painting, and drawing have a reduced chance of memory loss illness as they get older? And then there's that enormous sense of satisfaction from getting to completion.

When I then started to think about the color by numbers I had completed and which ones I had enjoyed most, I realized that it was those where I had a real interest in the subject. So, for me, I loved some of the most famous works of art from around the world, such as those from Picasso and Van Gogh. But I also knew that not everyone would share my passion for this type of art. I made sure that my new business, Painting Kits, had a wide range of designs so that everyone could find something that they would enjoy completing.

Then I began looking for other kits which I thought I might enjoy completing; my thinking was that if I enjoyed it, then other people might too. And that's when I came across diamond painting. If you're not familiar with this new craft hobby, it's a mix between cross stitch and paint by numbers. With diamond art, you apply tiny resin "diamonds" to a coded adhesive canvas, which enables you to create vibrant mosaic paintings. I was sure that my paint by numbers clients would also love this new way of expressing their artistic side. So, we now also have a huge range of diamond painting kits available for you.

We stock both round and square kits for you to choose from. It's very much a personal choice in terms of which style you like the most, but I find that my square drilled diamond artwork looks cleaner because of how they line up together and create a fuller mosaic structure They also produce an almost painting-like appearance.The round diamonds, though, can be much easier
to work with because I found that they seem to attach to the diamond pen much more quickly.

I want to make sure that clients of Painting Kits had access to the latest innovations, and that's why we introduced our customized kits. All you need to do is upload a photo, and then it amazingly becomes converted into either a paint by number kit or a diamond art kit. This is a fantastic opportunity to create an original piece of art that no-one else will ever complete; it makes a perfect gift, especially when using photos from christenings, weddings, and graduations.

We are passionate about color by number and diamond art. We hope that our kits allow you to reveal and indulge your creative side as you produce your very own piece of art.